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cvs commit: projects/csup detailer.c

mux         2006-02-01 03:29:34 UTC

  FreeBSD projects repository

  Modified files:
    csup                 detailer.c 
  In the detailer thread, flush the stream buffer after sending the "COLL"
  command, like CVSup is doing.  The reason for flushing here is that the
  reception of this command by the server makes it send a "COLL" command
  back to the updater thread, and that's what finally triggers the printing
  of the "Updating collection <collection>/<release>" message.
  Before this change, this message was printed really late during the csup
  run, which was quite disturbing since it's printed quickly with CVSup.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.35      +2 -1      projects/csup/detailer.c