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[no subject]

	The members of the structure with type char * are pointers to
	strings, any of which (except decimal_point) can point to
	"", to indicate that the value is not available in the
	current locale or is of zero length.

Thus, the present code should be fine.

> > > The next thing is style: why
> > > #include "locale.h"
> > > instead of
> > > #include <locale.h> ?
> > 
> > With one exception, the author uses that convention consistently.
> I don't think so - I saw <stdio.h>, <string.h> in the author's code. It
> may affect cross-platform building when standard includes moved to other
> place and gcc instructed to find them there.

The latter is the one exception I was talking about.  The former
is part of an auxiliary program, not the library.  Anyway, the use
of quotes instead of angle brackets shouldn't make a difference
unless somoone decides to put (for example) a broken float.h in
libc's $MAKEOBJDIR.  I will mention this to David Gay in any case.

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