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Re: cvs commit: src Makefile

>  Modified files:
>    .                    Makefile 
>  Log:
>  Replace the partial symlink tree to src/sys/* in $OBJDIR/tmp/usr/include
>  with real copies.  I'm sick of !@#&!^!@#*& mtree chowning directories in
>  my src/sys/* tree after it follows the symlinks.  I still believe that
>  mtree is broken for doing this (introduced in mtree.c rev 1.5).

I agree.  I reverted the patch here and compained to the breaker several
times (the first time after it clobbered my src/sys ownerships and the
last time after I broke `make world' in -current after not noticing that
my changes depended on a non-broken mtree).