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cvs commit: src Makefile

bde         1998/06/09 00:19:18 PDT

  Modified files:
    .                    Makefile 
  Quick fixes for the mtree bootstrap:
  - don't announce `mtree' as `mtools'.
  - don't install to ${DESTDIR}/usr/sbin (which often doesn't exist if
    DESTDIR is set and may be read-only if DESTDIR is not set).
  - install to (${WORLDTMP}/usr/sbin so that the new mtree is actually
    in $PATH if DESTDIR is set.
  - don't use the host make or the host sys.mk.  This is probably
  - use a temporary obj dir like the one for `make'.  This was mainly
    necessary because I forgot to remove the MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX unsetting
    which was just a bug for mtree.  A non-quick fix would handle mtree
    more like a bootstrap tool (the only additional complications are to
    create ${BINDIR} and avoid excessive cleaning).  Except a non-quick
    fix would change much more.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.201     +6 -5      src/Makefile