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cvs commit: src Makefile

bde         1998/07/06 22:37:36 PDT

  Modified files:
    .                    Makefile 
  Build internal tools in build-tools so that they have some chance of
  working when the target system is not binary compatible.  Use various
  hacks to work around minor problems in the source and binary tree
  - caesar and strfile are built normally (the source layout is good),
    then installed by copying them to ${WORLDTMP}/usr/bin (they are
    installed in ${WORLDTMP}/usr/games, but I don't want to put that
    in $PATH).
  - colldef and mklocale are built and installed normally.  Messy and
    incomplete relative path searches for them and caesar and strfile
    can now go away.
  - internal tools that aren't installed are now built and left lying
    around for the `make all' pass to use.  If the target system is
    not binary compatible, it is critical that these tools don't get
    rebuilt.  Cleaning of the obj tree before building the internal
    tools should ensure this.
  - most internal tools are built using internal build-tools targets,
    but tn3270 is simpler for a change - it has all the tools in a
    separate tree, so they can be built using `make all'.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.204     +19 -1     src/Makefile