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Re: hp nx6125 again

[Reviving some oldish mail]

On Tue, 2005-Dec-27 21:00:02 -0800, Sam Leffler wrote:
>I posted a while back about getting a thermal trip whenever I take the 
>machine off ac.  Zone 3 jumps from ~30C to 150C in 5-10 seconds.

I don't see this with 6-STABLE from late January.  I can't recall if
I tried this test on -current.

>The last issue is that like some other folks the system will lockup if I 
>let powerd bring the clock down when idle.  Lockups are easily 
>reproducable but don't appear to be related to any particular state 

I've noticed this as well but I think I've only seen them when powerd
is running.  My suspicion is that there's a problem (probably a race
condition of some sort) with the speed transition rather than any
particular speed.  I haven't thought through how to debug this.

Has anyone managed to get S3 or S4 working?  I can get it to loop
reporting "fwohci0: device physically ejected?" or panic in the bge
code but so far it won't suspend.

Peter Jeremy