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FreeBSD 4.2 patch available

It's around 200KB.

This patch is based off of the 31 March 2001 CVS snapshot.  Due to
recent Darwin commits, which I've spent most of today hacking around, I
doubt that it would build against anything much older.

My build machine is running 4.2-RELEASE, with the GENERIC kernel.  I
used GNU Make v3.78.1, as the system make will not work.  Additionally,
bison v1.28 was used, but whatever's currently in ports for gmake and
bison will probably work just fine.  You probably also want kth kerberos

Build Instructions

1) Grab the snapshot from 
and untar it somewhere not in AFS.  I haven't tried building it in AFS.
2) Grab the patch
3) `cd openafs-2001-03-31`
4) `patch -p0 < ../oafs-fbsd-986108868.patch`
5) `mkdir i386_fbsd_42`
6) `ln -s src/Makefile`
7) `ln -s i386_fbsd_42 @sys`
8) `ln -s @sys/dest`
9) `ln -s @sys/obj`
10) `gmake SYS_NAME=i386_fbsd_42 links`
11) `gmake SYS_NAME=i386_fbsd_42`
12) patch up everything that's broken and submit the patches.

CAVEATS: I've done no, zero, zippo testing beyond getting the darn thing
to compile.  I'd be fairly surprised if it did anything more than
deposit some pretty core files.  I strongly doubt that the OpenAFS
client programs (eg fs, vos) will work with arla.  Don't blame me if
salvager eats your / file system.

There is no kernel module, which means no client.  A month or so back,
the fine folks at KTH said I was free to use the current Arla code, as
it's BSD-style licensed, with no advertising clause.  I think this means
that it's compatible with the IBM license covering AFS, but we should
probably check on that.  At any rate, I haven't used any Arla code yet.

In large part, this is the patch of a thousand
"defined(AFS_FBSD_ENV)"'s.  You may note some preliminary kernel stuff
in src/{afs,rx}/FBSD.  This was almost entirely stolen from the DUX
stuff, so I sort of doubt that it works.

I owe a very large debt of gratitude to Chaskiel Grundman for the Darwin
patches.  They provided a lot of sanity checking for me over the past
two days.

One last thing, while I realize the ammount of traffic on freebsd-afs
and port-freebsd is far from large, I think it would be a good idea to
pick one list and stick with it.  Since this is more of a change to the
OpenAFS codebase than to the FreeBSD codebase, I think port-freebsd
would be the logical list to choose.  Thoughts?

Feedback from people who, unlike myself, actually know what they're
doing would be strongly appreciated.

Tom Maher

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