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FreeBSD 4.2 patch, liblwp fixed

Around 200KB.

This patch is based off the 08 April 2001 CVS snapshot.  The major
change from the previous patch is that liblwp is actualy working now.

There continues to be no kernel module, but some of the basic vos and fs
commands actually work.  The arla token cache manager appears to "just
work", and I was even able to change file permissions, change quotas,
and even release volumes.

I haven't done any testing of the server code yet, partly due to a lack
of suitable test hardware.  However, I think that my next major goal
will be trying to get stuff committed.

My build machine is running 4.2-RELEASE, with the GENERIC kernel.  I
used GNU Make v3.78.1, as the system make will not work.  Additionally,
bison v1.28 was used, but whatever's currently in ports for gmake and
bison will probably work just fine.  You probably also want kth kerberos

Build Instructions

1) Grab the snapshot from 
and untar it somewhere not in AFS.  I haven't tried building it in AFS.
I've also put a copy of the snapshot in
2) Grab the patch
3) `cd openafs-2001-04-08`
4) `patch -p0 < ../oafs-fbsd-2001-04-08.patch`
5) `mkdir i386_fbsd_42`
6) `ln -s src/Makefile`
7) `ln -s i386_fbsd_42 @sys`
8) `ln -s @sys/dest`
9) `ln -s @sys/obj`
10) `gmake SYS_NAME=i386_fbsd_42 links`
11) `gmake SYS_NAME=i386_fbsd_42`
12) patch up everything that's broken and submit the patches.

Feedback from people who, unlike myself, actually know what they're
doing would be strongly appreciated.

Tom Maher

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