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Re: Build fix

Two comments:

1) Consumers will need to do "cvs login" and use a password of anonymous,
following the setenv stage but before the cvs co.

2) The patch line should read as follows:

  patch -p0 < /path/to/oafs-fbsd-2001-04-18.patch

Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Project
robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      NAI Labs, Safeport Network Services

On 20 Apr 2001, Tom Maher wrote:

> About a day after initial big patch was comitted, another change was
> comitted to pinstall/install.c, which is used only for the AFS build
> system, AFAIK.  This had the sad effect of breaking the build on
> FreeBSD, as install started stripping everything in sight, including
> text files and library symbol tables.  I've submitted the patch to
> openafs-gatekeepers, and you can find it at
> http://www.watson.org/~tardis/openafs/oafs-fbsd-2001-04-18.patch
> Much smaller this time, only 1.5 KB.
> Due to popular request, here are some simple build instructions.
> You can either slurp down CVS, or just grab one of the daily CVS
> snapshot tarballs, conveniently located right off of
> http://www.openafs.org/fset.shtml/release/snapindex.html
> For grabbing it via anon CVS, set CVSROOT to
> :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvs and then `cvs checkout
> openafs`.  One of the openafs elders (Derrick Brashear, I think) said
> after 1.0.4, they'll be forking the versions (1.0.x as stable, 1.1.x as
> devel), and then doing the standard stable-as-even, devel-as-odd thing.
> FreeBSD being a new port, the work will mostly all be in the devel
> version.
> For building on local disk, the routine looks something like
> $ cd /path/to/openafs
> # you should be at same level as "src" and "doc"
> $ patch -p0 < /path/to/oafs-2001-04-18.patch
> # patch may be already comitted when you read this
> # check http://www.watson.org/~tardis/openafs/ for "LATEST_IS_<date>"
> $ mkdir i386_fbsd_42
> $ ln -s src/Makefile
> $ ln -s i386_fbsd_42 @sys
> $ ln -s @sys/obj
> $ ln -s @sys/dest
> $ gmake SYS_NAME=i386_fbsd_42 links
> $ gmake SYS_NAME=i386_fbsd_42
> You'll want to have GNU bison around, and you'll want to use GNU make,
> not system make.
> Experienced AFS users will note the @sys hackery.  If you want to build
> in AFS with arla, you'll need to have your sysname set to "i386_fbsd_42"
> (`fs sysname` gets your current sysname, `fs sysname i386_fbsd_42`, as
> root, will set it to i386_fbsd_42).  Once 4.3-RELEASE hits my favorite
> mirror, I'll fix the config files so both i386_fbsd_42 and i386_fbsd_43
> will work.
> The AFS build system is currently extremely crufty, makes a number of
> assumptions, and hacks around the fact that "washtool", a vital utility
> used during the build, isn't there because IBM didn't release the
> source.  This makes it very hard to build individual parts of the tree
> without building the entire tree.
> Parts of the tree which will be of particular interest will be
> src/afs/FBSD, src/afs/VNOPS, and src/rx/FBSD, which is where a bunch of
> preliminary kernel code lives.  By "preliminary", I mean "copied out of
> the DUX directories".
> The configuration headers for FreeBSD are in
> src/config/param.i386_fbsd_42*.h.  Since I've been naughty and given
> almost no consideration to anything but FreeBSD/x86, people interested
> in FreeBSD/Alpha, and who have alphas running FreeBSD, could be useful.
> Feedback is mega-welcome, and direct patches go to
> openafs-gatekeepers@xxxxxxxxxxx (a private list for the comitters, of
> which I am not one).  I'd also really appreciate it if people cc'd this
> list.  Also, please feel free to bug me if you can make the code work
> but don't feel comfortable with diff/patch.
> --
> Tom Maher
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