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Re: [OpenAFS-port-freebsd] Re: [OpenAFS-devel] Re: FreeBSD: working namei-based server

Derek Atkins <warlord@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Robert Watson <rwatson@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I can go ahead and allocate a number, but probably need more information
> > (such as at least a syscall name, preferably more) in order to do the
> > allocation.
> The name would be "afs_syscall" (or AFS_SYSCALL, or AFS_SysCall, or
> even "AFS Syscall", depending on how you want to parse it ;) Note that
> this is the name of the syscall, not the name of the function that is
> executed when the syscall is called.

Just for everyones information Arla is using syscall number 339 on


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