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OpenAFS + FreeBSD 5.1 RELEASE + MAC + Jail

Hello, I've got a bit of a strange setup going. I'm seting up a server I have 
at home as a bit of an experiment. The bits that relate to this list are in 
the subject: I'm attempting to setup openafs 1.2.10 on said system as a 
server. The catch is I don't see any support for freebsd 5.1 release (I hear 
talk of some work on it tho) _and_ I'm attempting to run it inside a jail 
with all but the biba and lomac MAC modules enabled in the base system.

My question is really just this: does openafs work on freebsd 5.1 RELEASE? I 
haven't bothered to go through the build problems with the header names and 
fix them yet - I just compiled everything without kernel support for the 
moment (I'm assuming/hoping that the only problems are with header names). 
Word is from freebsd-questions that openafs servers are ok on 5.1 RELEASE 
(this is not confirmed tho). Can anyone direct me to a patch or some docs on 
how to get the kernel module to compile under 5.x? I'm at the point now where 
I have everything ready to go, except I need the kernel module to compile....

I've been searching for some docs on that with ~ no results. I would really 
like to get this working and move on to other jails to get this server up and 
running. Not sure how much effort it would be to update the source to get the 
kernel module to work with the 5.x branch... Also, the rc script that comes 
with openafs refers to /usr/sbin/inetd.afs - checking with the source seems 
to show openafs-1.2.10/src/inetd/inetd.conf only has entrys for rsh, rlogin 
and another called ta-rauth. I'm guessing this can be left out and the server 
will still function (seems to me i wouldn't want to run these services 
anyway)... Oh, and that really isn't much of an rc script - it just starts up 
bosserver and afsd, doesn't accept start/stop args :/ 


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