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I would expect that if you were to install a different ATA controller, 
you'd see similar results.  You would probably be OK with an ISA ATA 
controller, but performance would be poor.

> Supposing that is the case, what would be the solution? We cannot change the
> SRM, so something else has to recognize and allocate the resources. Is there
> already any similar code in the kernel? If somebody knows it, could you
> point it to me? I might be able to make these modifications.

Work is underway to implement this, but it's a fairly slow process.  If 
you really wanted to hack up something in the meantime, you would need to:

 - determine the I/O-memory mappings for the AS200 (this can be gleaned 
   from the machine-specific sources)
 - add some code to scan for ATA controllers and configure their base 
   address registers

Unfortunately, this is one of those "if you have to ask" kind of 
questions - talking you through doing it would probably take longer than 
doing it oneself.  Having said that, if you want to take a stab at it 
yourself, it's not an overwhelmingly difficult project, and you'd learn 
quite a bit about the Alpha systems and PCI in the process.

Sorry for the gloomy picture; hope this helps though.


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