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> * It currently has a Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro video card in it.
> This card, I believe, uses the 3DLabs GLINT chipset.
> How well is this supported by XFree86?  Whieh version should
> I use (3.x or 4.x?)

I have the same card. No it's not a GLINT, it's a Permedia 2
(still 3DLabs though).

I'm currently trying to get X working on mine, and it has turned
out to be less than straight forward.=20

When the configuration asks you, you say yes to GLINT which will
build the 3DLabs server for you (provided you build XFree86 3.3.x).

As of Friday last week, I finally got 3.3.x running, but with a
non-functional keyboard. I choose to include extended input support,
which meant fixing /usr/ports/x11/XFree86/work/xc/programs/Xserver/
hw/xfree86/common/x86Kbd.c during make install because it was missing
an include file (sys/kbio.h or kbdio.h, I don't remember right now).
Without extend input support, it breaks in the same place, but in
x86Event(s?).c, complaining that there's no definition for something
called mevent or m_event, which is true.

I tried the 4.x version too, but then it stopped in /usr/ports/x11/
with a lot of complaints  resembeling 64-bit "uncleanliness". In the
same directory, in it's subdirectories, there are symlniks called
"machine" which point to /sys/i386/include. You'll have to manually
fix that first before you get to the errors with list.c. I'll get
back to it when I've gotten 3.3.x working.

I was thinking of writing a longer mail with more in-depth
explanation when I get things working. However, it's at least
looking very promising for 3.3.x.

> * This machine has an "DECchip 21140" 10/100 ethernet controller
> on it.  I believe it should work with the FreeBSD "dc" driver?
> (or was that the "de" driver?)

I have no idea, but from what I've read, that card is one of the
better supported once.

I've had hell myself with my own NICs. I've tried a 3C905, a 3C905B,
an Intel EEPro 10/100 and an Adaptec ANA-62011. All, except the
EEpro, fail with a watchdog timeout upon ifconfig. No solution has
so far presented itself. I have written to the author of the 3Com and
Adaptec drivers, but so far I have received no reply. Others on the
list seems to think it's an interrupt problem. I'm leaning toward an
explanation related to the use of the MII interface. Time will tell.

> * Windows NT has this nifty little software called "FX!32" that
> lets you run Windows NT/x86 binaries on the Alpha.  I *believe*
> that there is a similar piece of software available for Linux/alpha.
> What about FreeBSD?  NetBSD?

There's supposed to be emulation available to run Linux binaries, but
I have a feeling that only applies to the i386 platform. Others will
probably be able to give you a more definitve answer.

I suppose the program you refer too is em86 for Linux/Alpha, which
would let you run Linux/i386 binaries. I haven't seen anything like
it for FreeBSD, but it shouldn't bee needed anyway if the previously
mentioned emulation works on Alpha. Besides, I could never get em86
to work on Linux/Alpha anyway.

It is, however, possible to run OSF/1 binaries on FreeBSD/Alpha. Nifty.

Good luck. And if you get X running, I would love to hear how you
did it. Also bear in mind that all I've said relates to 4.3-RELEASE.

- IT

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