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[no subject]

I can also tell you the following: It is a KZPAC (DEC/Compaq's name for =
controller I think) / DAC960PU (MyLex' name for it) with 8 MB RAM. It =
7x18,2 disks attached, 4x on ch0 and 3x on ch2. The RAID is configured =
the 2 first disks on ch0 in RAID1, the two next are hotspare and the =
disks on ch2 is a RAID5 with 32768MB configured.

Controller options:
Automatic Rebuild Management: Disabled
Storageworks Fault Management: Disabled
Rebuild Rate: 50
Controller Read Ahead: Disabled
Stripe Size: 64K
All 3 buses:
Scsi Transfer Rate: 20MHz
Command tagging: Enabled
Scsi data bus width: 16Bit
Disk spinup: Automatic
Spin devices: 1
(Spin device) Delay: 6

In DOS the BIOS is version 1.41 dated 15 May 96

I have tried to update the firmware to 3.x but the controller only has =
128K EEPROM. (I even tried to put another 128K from another controller =
the spare slot... Didn't work! :)

Hmm...I think thats all...


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