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Re: [kde-freebsd] Re: ports/89023: USE_BDB doesn't set name of Berkely dB, or location of the include directory

Scot Hetzel schrieb:
> The db-bsd.database.mk-diff updates the functionality of USE_BDB to
> return with the BDB_INCLUDE_DIR, BDB_LIB_NAME.
> The db-ports.gz is a patch to all of the ports that were not using the
> bsd.database.mk to include the Berkeley, MySQL, and SQLITE ports.

Sorry for responding late, the kde@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list has been out
of order for a few days. There has been a large update to the KDE ports
in the meantime, you'll probably have to modify your patch to kdesdk a
little and also modify devel/kdevelop, as it has now grown a dependency
on db4 as well.

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