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Any and all hope which anyone can offer would be appreciated..

Thanks. (sig at end of message)

Below is some detailed information on what I have on machine currently.

bash-2.05# uname -a
FreeBSD <machine name> 4.4-RC FreeBSD 4.4-RC #0: Thu Aug 23 15:37:44 EDT

atm.startup.sh looks like:
/sbin/fore_dnld -d /etc
/sbin/atm set netif hfa0 atm 5
/sbin/atm attach hfa0 sigpvc
/sbin/ifconfig atm0 netmask up
/sbin/ifconfig atm1 netmask up
/sbin/ifconfig atm2 netmask up
/sbin/ifconfig atm3 netmask up
/sbin/atm add pvc hfa0 0 55 aal5 snap ip atm0

Kernel ATM options currently compiled in include :
options         ATM_CORE        # core ATM protocol family
options         ATM_IP          # IP over ATM support
options         ATM_SIGPVC      # SIGPVC signalling manager for atm
device          hea             # Efficients ENI-155p ATM PCI card
device          hfa             # Fore PCA-200E ATM PCI
pseudo-device   atm
device          en
options         NATM            # Native ATM support
options         ATM_UNI         # UNI signalling manager

bash-2.05# atm sho conf
Intf      Vendor    Model     Media           Bus   Serial No
hfa0      Fore      PCA-200E  OC-3c           PCI   42103
    MAC address = 00:20:48:40:a4:77
    Hardware version = 2.0.1
    Firmware version = 3.0.1
bash-2.05# atm sho int
Interface  Sigmgr   State
hfa0       SIGPVC   ACTIVE
    ATM address = -
    Network interfaces: atm0 - atm4
bash-2.05# atm show stat vcc
                        Input    Input  Input  Output   Output Output
Interface  VPI   VCI     PDUs    Bytes   Errs    PDUs    Bytes   Errs
hfa0         0    55        0        0      0       2      184      0
bash-2.05# atm show stat int
             Input    Input  Input  Output   Output Output    Cmd
Interface     PDUs    Bytes   Errs    PDUs    Bytes   Errs   Errs
hfa0             0        0      0       2      184      0      0

David Brinks -- Power-Net Internet Services -- Network Manager
Local Office : 402 N. Mission, Mt.Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone : 989.772.1121  Fax : 989.772.8008

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