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RE: PPP over ATM

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Aled Morris [mailto:aledm@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Monday, March 07, 2005 3:03 AM
> To: Ted Mittelstaedt
> Cc: Dag-Erling Smorgrav; atm@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: RE: PPP over ATM
> >How exactly are you going to get the DSL signal from the 
> telephone line
> >into the ATM card, then?  You did say this was ADSL.
> I haven't seen any available recently but you used to be able 
> to buy ADSL
> modems which simply did the layer 1 conversion from the POTS line to
> (typically) an ATM25 UTP port.  Cisco had one (model 626 or 
> 627 I think.)

Both.  The 626 is DMT issue 1, the 627 is DMT issue 2.  Good luck
finding one.

Cisco's 6xx series were an acquisition from Netspeed.  The Cisco 675 was
originally the Netspeed 204 for example.

> Plus of course the network side of the DSLAM is likely 155Mbps 
> ATM, so you
> could connect your FreeBSD server there to terminate PPPoA from
> subscribers.  I'd be interested to know how many such sessions 
> you could
> achieve on a FreeBSD box - it could be a low-cost alternative to the
> products from Cisco or Redback etc.

He doesen't have this side. But if he's a regular ISP connecting
to a Telco's DSL network, he isn't going to be handed a 155Mbt ATM
connection.  He's going to get a ATM DS3 and will need a card for