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le155 forerunner

I can see now my LE155 Forerunner atm card in dmesg as idt0.
Have you maybe some guide how to do CLIP(ip over atm) and LANE(lan 
emulation) under freebsd?!If yes,please send it to me?! But for now, 
just to help me, how can i create network interface for this 
idt0,will by also fine!;)
modul idt.ko is loaded (kldstat),but when ifconfig i can't see this 
idt0. In linux is something like atmarp -c , but it doesn't work in 
Wich one is signalling daemon for atm(atmsigd in linux)?

Thanks for your help  Peter.

Fandite s nami hokeju! Vsetko o MS 2005.