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atm lane

Hi all: 
     i transplant  Harti Brandt's "ng_lane" module to HARP in FreeBSD 5.3. it's almost finished! i don't have ATM Switch,my development environment is Fore LE155 Back- to-Back. a Linux Box as a LECS & LES & BUS. it can join a ELAN. but i can't  test it in data thransfer phase. so anyone can't test it! by the way i'don't how do i post the 
     when it connect to my company's backbone.(don't tell my boss, he will kill me :) ) Fore ASX-1000,it can get configure response from LECS,then failed! perharps when lec send a join request.the LES want setup a control distribute VCC  first ,HARP said: 
"unisig_vc_act08: conn not pt-pt" then the VCC tear down! Harp don't support P-TO-MP connection!? 
anyone can help me or some advice!