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Newbie question

Hi all,

    I´m a very very very newbie guy in ATM, and my boss forced me to install 
an ATM link.

    I´ve a ForeRunner HE155 in my FreeBSD box.
    Works correctly i guess hehehehehe ...

    This is the output from ifconfig -a: hatm0: flags=800<SIMPLEX> mtu 9180
                                                        media: ATM 
                                                        status: active

    I need to setup an PPPoA+AAL5+OAM
    I´ve found some interesting docs in google.com and freebsd-atm archives
    but most of them are for USB DSL devices

    There is a post in archives with the line.

    set device PPPoA:<ifname>:<vpi>.<vci>

   The line makes sense for me. But how to setup AAL5 in ppp.conf  ?

   I appreciate any help...

   Thanks in Advance,

Gleidson Antonio Henriques