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Re: ATM link with OAM + AAL5 + ABR

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005, Texugo Gundum wrote:

TG>Hello gurus, 
TG>    I've a small and simple setup to deploy here and beside the excellent 
TG>    FBSD documentation I didn't found a way so I'm asking for a help. 
TG>    A ForeRunner HE 155 will be pluged (in SDH) into a Ascend switch
TG>    signalling UNI 3.1 and talking ABR QoS (PCR=23584cps). 
TG>    We will need to talk to a Cisco router also with AAL5 and OAM 
TG>    management cells. 
TG>    Is there a way to make it work with FreeBSD ? 

The problem is, that the HARP stack doesn't do ABR signalling. The netnatm
stack does, but it's still lacking CLIP or LANE. AAL5 is no problem, OAMs 
can be received/sent by the HE 155, but there is currently nothing in the 
system using these cells.