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Re: RFC: bsdtar in 5.3

Tim Kientzle wrote:

I would like to make bsdtar the default
FreeBSD system tar for -CURRENT within
the next week or so.

That should give it broad enough usage
over the next couple of months to prove
that it's ready for 5-STABLE.

My plan:

  * Make /usr/bin/tar default to a symlink
    to /usr/bin/bsdtar as soon as possible.
    (Currently, it defaults to /usr/bin/gtar
    unless you build WITH_BSDTAR.)

  * Leave /usr/bin/gtar in the base system
    through the 5.x cycle.

  * For 6.0, remove /usr/bin/gtar and rename
    /usr/bin/bsdtar to /usr/bin/tar.

Any objections, suggestions, or comments?

I support making bsdtar the default, and plan to integrate libtar into the package tools.

Are there any plans to do an security audit of bsdtar? This may be an important issue, since tar is often used running as root to unpack downloaded archives.