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Re: [PATCH] review requested, add sha256 to mtree + small fixes

Anton Berezin wrote:

> Since we now have sha256 in libmd, I think it is time to add it to
> mtree(1).

I think all longer sha variants should be added at the same time. There
are implementations of SHA-384 a SHA-512 already available in

ISTR someone is working at the moment on the cleanup of crypto
algorithms' implementations in the tree so that there's only one copy of
each or at most two (openssl and small-util/kernel one). Colin's sha256
implementation is IMHO a step in the wrong direction. He admitted he
hadn't known about the other implementation in the tree, otherwise he
probably wouldn't have written the new one in libmd.

I haven't looked at your patch, sorry.

Just my 2 cents.

Michal Mertl