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Re: [PATCH] nfsserver patch for review

On Fri, 25 Mar 2005, Xin LI wrote:

From NetBSD:

For nfs3 requests, don't gather writes since it's clients' responsibility.

Will anyone object if I will commit this against -CURRENT?

Not me.

Is it actually faster and/or more efficient (hopefully both)?

Write gathering may wrong even in the nfsv2 case, since the underlying
file system should do write clustering, and at least ffs does it, and
write clustering at the lowest level works well.

BTW, there is lots of vaguely related bogusness involving fsyncing writes:
- in the nfsv3 case, the server should just fsync what the client requests,
  but doesn't always.
- the async mount flag is bogus for nfs, and the vfs.nfs.async sysctl is
  even more bogus.  Interaction of these bogusnesses with not always
  honoring the client's fsync requests give many sub-bugs.