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Re: Binary security updates

On Wed, 25 Dec 2002, Colin Percival wrote:

>    I've put together a basic binary updates tool aimed at people who want
> to track a security branch without keeping a source tree and
> recompiling.  I have tested this code to the best of my ability -- but
> since I only have one FreeBSD box (and it's on the other side of the
> world), that ability is rather limited.

	Interesting.  I'm looking it over and perhaps you could answer one
question for me quickly.

	How do you deal with .a-files?  They may be identical excepting for
their table of contents and md5's don't look into the archive.

	Also did you run into anything with respect to other
archive/library file types?

	We built our own binary patch system for our appliances, but it's a
bit specific to our appliance's needs.  We were able to make certain
simplifying statements such as no appliance includes compilation tools or
libraries, so the .a-file problem went away.

[ adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ]

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