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Re: bluetooth security

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:

> > changes though which is saving me lots of work (thanks :)
> sure. common bluetooth api for all bsd's would be ideal. i'm willing to work
> in this area. if you have any suggestions to that would make it easier to
> share the code please let me know.

One of the first issues that I found was that when you wrote the include
files, you used NG_ and ng_ prefixes on all the HCI and L2CAP definitions
and structures. This seemed unnecessary since HCI and L2CAP defs are not
really NetGraph related - I have used your include files hci.h and l2cap.h
more or less directly apart from this.

The biggest choice I made that intentionaly breaks compatibility is that I
chose to have bluetooth address family socket address consistent through
the family (ie a single struct sockaddr_bt for all AF_BLUETOOTH sockets) -
this means so far that HCI sockets use the bdaddr instead of device name
and that L2CAP sockets must set the PSM via setsockopt()

but I have to say, that converting the FreeBSD userland libs & utilities
was pretty much a noop even after those differences. I haven't especially
looked at anything more, am starting work on a RFCOMM layer soon.

> > Partly for this reason, I have chosen to have ACL connections for NetBSD
> > accepted via the hcsecd userland daemon as while it does not currently
> > have the capability, some kind of hosts allow/deny capability can be added
> > and thus anybody concerned about security could lock out unknown devices.
> well, you could do that, but, frankly, i do not think this is required. i was
> thinking about the same too. that is why i put the following comment in the
> ng_l2cap_llpi.c

That may be where I got the idea from, it just seemed logical to have the
functionality in a single security guard at the gate (who are you? ok -
have you a pass? no! whats the code? ok in you come..)

how many people use bluetooth for incoming connections and do not enable
the hcsecd daemon?