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Re: Local browsing: permission denied


I'm using 6-stable, with the new bluetooth-rc system. It works fine, but with sdpcontrol, I have a little problem. If I try it as a regular user:

$ sdpcontrol -l browse
Could not execute command "browse". Permission denied

'-l' means query services registered with _local_ sdpd(8) daemon. it means query will go via control socket. here is the quote from sdpd(8) man page




Access rights on the control socket define which application can regis-
ter, remove or change the service.  The application must be able to write
to and read from the control socket in order to perform any query to the
Service Database via control socket.


so you need to run "sdpcontrol -l browse" as root.

$ sdpcontrol -a my-t610 browse # BT if off on my tel.
Could not execute command "browse". Host is down

this is normal. you have turned off bluetooth on the phone.

$ sdpcontrol -a zahygabi-t610 browse # BT is on

Record Handle: 0x00010000
blabla ....

this is normal too.

So why I can't browse local servers?

because sdpcontrol(8) does not have enough permissions to write to the control socket. yes, i agree, its not very convenient for user. i'm currently thinking about better way to handle this type of queries.