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Re: rfcomm_pppd with hp ipaq hw6515 with GPRS


I'm trying to connect my laptop to the GPRS network of Telfort in The Netherlands via an ipaq pda with bluetooth.

Bluetooth works.
'rfcomm_pppd -a pda -c -C DUN -l rfcomm' connects to the pda.
The pda shows a popup about the connection, but it dissapears faster than I can read it. And then a popup with 'DUN connection has disconnected'.

Does anybody have this working? With what config?

Ok, I am trying this for a day-and-half (not fulltime) and 5 minutes after I send the previous e-mail I see a typo. In the rfcomm_pppd manpage the 'set dial' string should contain ATDT in stead of ATD.

the typo has been fixed in -current. i will mfc it to releng_5,6 shortly. thanks for noticing. i'm sorry about the typo and the time you had to spend on this.

Plus for me the phone number '*99#' works and '*99***1#' doesn't, but I thing that might be pda specific.

correct. this number might change depending on phone/pda model. that is why the man page has '# You might want to change these'.

Thanks for the marvelous functionality of all this bluetooth stuff. I can now connect to a wireless network (GPRS) by a wireless network (BT). :-)

have you tried the other way around? i.e. use bluetooth lan client on your pda and have freebsd act as a bluetooth access point. does it work? the reason i'm asking is because few people report that there are some interoperability problems and i'm trying to build the list of devices that have this problem. i really want to get one of the problem devices so i can take a look and fix it.