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Re: Missing HCI events

Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:

sorry for the delay.

I've finally found time to sit down and port the kde-bluetooth framework
for FreeBSD. While there are a lot of similarities between the FreeBSD
stack and bluez, I can't find equivalents to some HCI events.

great! thanks for doing the work!

It has been for too long on my TODO list :)

In the meanwhile I have most of libkbluetooth compiling and noticed, that a libhci would be very helpful and could ease future user space developments/porting dramatically (I bet the GNOME guys will come up with a bluetooth framework sooner or later as well). How about incorporating such a lib in the basesystem along with libsdp and libbluetooth (similar to lib_hci of bluez)?

It would certainly help me port gnome-bluetooth, since I've been stuck for some time on UUID differences between the two platforms.

funny you should mention that. someone actually asked me about this a while ago and even promised to start the work.

there was a short thread in freebsd-bluetooth


and i also have few email addressed directly to me. you might want to contact this person and ask about the progress.

That would be nice, indeed.