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Re: random text in bug submission.

> From setantae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Fri Apr  8 01:35:20 2005
> Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 09:35:17 +0100
> From: Ceri Davies <ceri@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: Alan Larson <larson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: bugbusters@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: random text in bug submission.
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> On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 04:56:11PM -0700, Alan Larson wrote:
> >   I entered the correct code, and it said it didn't match and refused to
> > take my bug submission.
> >=20
> >   What an annoyance.
> >=20
> >   It showed the same code as a previous report, but did not accept
> > the entry.
> I really don't understand this behaviour.  The image is called as
> a volatile script (/cgi/sendpr-code.cgi?dummy) and sends no-cache headers
> in the HTTP response.  There's no way that your browser should have
> shown you the same code again.  What is it?

  The browser was netscape 4.8 (considered pretty good at one point,
though I would switch to Firefox quickly if I didn't have to deal with
a bunch of dependencies and could install it as easily as I did Netscape.)

> >   There really should be some "are you really a human" at that point --
> What?

  What I meant was that the failure to match error page should give another
(presumably different) image to match so one could continue the submit process
without loss of the information that had just been manually entered.

  Sort of a "second try".