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Re: Bug Report

On 2005-10-16 04:04, Daniel Rudy <dcrudy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It seems that your web site will not accept the code at the bottom of
> the screen.  I retyped it multiple times and it will not accept it.
> The code is K6K7GWDP.

This is usually an indication of broken proxies who cache images and
show you a stale copy of the image.  Try posting your problem reports
by email, if you can't disable proxying.

> Anyways, I have a bug report to submit.  The information is as follows:
> [...]
> When the system boot, the configured splash screen does not display.  I
> have tried modifying loader.conf to no avail.  The vesa module is
> compiled into the kernel.  I have the following in /boot/loader.conf:
> # Show Splash Graphic
> splash_bmp_load="YES"
> bmp_load="YES"
> bitmap_name="/boot/splash.bmp"
> The dmsg shows the following error:
> module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (splash_bmp, 0xc06dd810, 0) error 2
> I have made sure that the file is a 256 color uncompressed bmp.  It
> doesn't work with either uncompressed or RLE compressed bmps.  The
> image is 640x480.

error 2 is probably a reference to ENOENT from /usr/include/sys/errno.h

This means that one of the files mentioned in your loader.conf fails to
load, because a file is missing.  Are you sure that splash_bmp_load is
the correct line there?  It looks like the loader is trying to load
splash_bmp.ko and fails because /boot/kernel/splash_bmp.ko cannot be
found in your root filesystem.