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But I assume /stand/sysinstall will ask if these should be turned on.
This is good.

One thing that, IMHO, should still be changed. Everything in
/etc/inetd.conf should be turned off, i.e. commented out. Yes, in
spite of the fact inetd is not on by default, you still should need to
explicitly turn on each service inetd runs.

And if one were to get really paraniod (and it is my job to be these
days), /proc should not be put in a sysinstall generated fstab without
warning the user due to its checkered security history (and it may
just give out a little too much info to the mortal user). But I have
not been able to examine 5.0-CURRENT enough to see how this is
handled. It may do this for all I know.
Crist J. Clark                           cjclark@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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