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[no subject]

> - availability of tools and applications

Hmmm... if you want LOTS of tools, gnome/enlightenment is fat on tools... many
of them aren't the best tools, but there's GOBS of them.  It often takes
longer to settle on a specific set of tools under gnome... IF you want to
exclude a particular set... most KDE tools will run in gnome and vice-versa.
The KDE API seems to make more sense if you read the spec.. the gnome one
seems to be more ummm... "organic".. that is bit's just kinds grew on all over
the place.

> - availability of nicelooking themes

nicelooking!  Ack!  Value judgement!  <Screams and runs>

> - restrictiveness of the license

Err... restrictive how?  Not sure.  Depends on your tastes/political view.

Basically, I like running blackbox all by itself with no desktop environment
at all.  That aside, I've always preferred KDE 1.x as a desktop environment
for one simple reason... the taskbar at the top... they've killed it in 2.x
and I still haven't forgiven them.  I seem to be the only person in the world
that feels that way though.  :-)

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