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[no subject]

> The fact is that Stallman says:
> > If you link some GPL-covered code into the kernel, the GPL's
> > conditions will apply to the kernel as a whole.
> But only to that kernel, which is a binary.  The only effect the GPL
> has on a binary is to require the supplier to also supply the source
> code on request.  I can't imagine that we'd have problems with that.

A problem with the "that" statement?  Or a problem with "that" effect?

A problem with that statement is that it isn't true; another effect the
GPL has on a binary is to require the source to be licensed under the
GPL too.  One is a mere translation of the other and if one is a
GPL-licensed "program", then the other must be too. It's all spelled out
there in the GPL.  That part is even clear.

A problem with the effect is that it might cost us time and money and
legal liability to also supply the source code on request if we are
distributing an embedded kernel.  Another is that we might not like
spending a penny to satisfy the bullying tactics of Stallman.  The
GPL could easily have an exception for other free software without
harming anything but Stallman's desire to bully people into doing it
his way in his quest to punish closed-source software developers.

If the question is why we'd have problems with dual-licensing the
source, there isn't much point in discussing it, because the licensing
can't be changed unless someone can hunt up nearly all of the owners.

> > The main consequence, legally, of including some GPL-covered code
> > would be that you could not *also* link in other code with
> > GPL-incompatible licenses.
> There's one unclear area here, that some of the files still use the
> original BSD license.  I need to discuss with rms what effect that
> has.

What's unclear?  You are infringing if you include some GPL-covered code
AND link in other code with GPL-incompatible licenses.  So you don't that.

Gotta close this now.  Very thirsty and need to wipe up some drool.

A rabid anti-GPL person.

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