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If you look at the prerequisites for employment on the FBI
web site, you will see that they are pretty far from what
someone competent at cracking/hacking would have on their
C.V. already.

I ran into an incident a while back, and it took me weeks
to find "the right people" to contact; even then, once they
were contacted, they were largely indifferent to the threat.

I guess it takes someone who has the ability to be able to
say "If *I* could abuse this this way, then someone else
could" to be alarmed at a capability.

It was incredibly tempting to shove their face in it by
blowing the information to the news media.

You would think that after the immediately pre-September
11th stock market manipulations via Germany, the profits of
which most probably went to fund additional terrorism, it
would be a different story.

Several years ago, I helped out with source tracking for
another incident; it turned out "the right people" there were
the Secret Service (bizarre; it was an international pump and
dump fraud situation involving a SPAMmer with their own telephone
exchange on the Isle of Man; who'd have thought the Secret
Service were the people to call?!?  I'd have been more likely
to call Dr. Peter Venkman, myself...).

I think the enforcement situation is still highly disorganized
and likely to stay that way for quite a while, unfortunately
(over half a billion in online credit card fraud last year;
that would fund a lot of things I'd rather not think about,
if it were in any way an organized effort).

-- Terry

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