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So what is it you were objecting to, exactly?  Me calling the
intermediate format by it's generic technical name, instead of
the brand specific name of "TDF"?

My point was only that it's possible to "tunnel" information,
like "asm" statements, should you wish to extend the compiler
to support them, through to the back end converter... it's
not "impossible", which was what was being claimed.

> Furthermore, to quiet some other speculation and such on this topic:
> TenDRA is BSD Licensed, we're actively working together with some
> committers to get gcc-dependencies fixed in the source tree (on another
> note, we also periodically test apps:
> http://www.tendra.org/~asmodai/compiled-apps.txt).

We've heard Brett Glass rail on it long enough that we know the
license is acceptable, even if the code generation and optimizer
are not really very adequate.

I think the major issues, as far as "C" is concerned, are the
GCC-ism's, like auto array declarations using an index that was
a parameter to the function, which still occurs one place in the
FreeBSD kernel, and the inability to support "Linker sets", per
se, in order to support SYSINIT() type constructs, without the
ability to support inline assembly code -- and supporting the
inline assembly code, itself.