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Re: cvs commit: ports/www/cern_httpd Makefile ports/www/cern_httpd/files md5 ports/www/cern_httpd/patches patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad patch-ae patch-af ports/www/cern_linemode/pkg COMMENT DESCR PLIST ports/www/cern_httpd/pkg COMMENT DESCR PLIST ports/www/cern_linemode Makefile ports/www/cern_linemode/files md5

>asami       96/03/09 04:53:49
>  Removed:     www/cern_httpd  Makefile
>               www/cern_httpd/files  md5
>               www/cern_httpd/patches  patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad
>                        patch-ae patch-af
>               www/cern_httpd/pkg  COMMENT DESCR PLIST
>               www/cern_linemode  Makefile
>               www/cern_linemode/files  md5
>               www/cern_linemode/pkg  COMMENT DESCR PLIST
>  Log:
>  Remove originals, Peter already copied them to new locations.

Yes, I didn't zap them because I'd not been able to build the port under
the new location..  (ftp.w3c.org was having ftp problems.. I see it's
"only" a linux machine.. :-)