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cvs commit: ports/x11/fvwm2 - Imported sources

asami       96/03/09 06:42:57

  ports/x11/fvwm2 - Imported sources
  Update of /home/ncvs/ports/x11/fvwm2
  In directory freefall.freebsd.org:/a/asami/fvwm2
  Revision/Branch: 1.1.1
  Log Message:
  The beta af fvwm version 2.  Peter gave it to me a long time ago, I
  thought he was going to commit it but he didn't so I'm going to do it. :)
  Submitted by:	peter
  Vendor Tag:	WEMM
  Release Tags:	fvwm_2_0_40
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/Makefile
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/files/md5
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/patches/patch-aa
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/patches/patch-ab
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/patches/patch-ad
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/patches/patch-ae
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/pkg/PLIST
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/pkg/DESCR
  N ports/x11/fvwm2/pkg/COMMENT
  No conflicts created by this import