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ISDN Router and Crontab

Hello list!

1st -Sorry for my english :-)

2nd - I've a FreeBSD 4.9 connetcted to internet with an ISDN router. 
If I type as root the following commad:

#getmail --getmaildir /home/maildir/.getmail

I get what I want; the ISDN router start the 
dial procedure to the ISP and I get my email from
the remoter pop3 server.
But if I place the same command line in a cronjob,
the router remain in a "sleep" state. 
So, just to check I've make a script "tst.sh" containing the following lines:

echo "Start for mail chk..." >/dev/console
/usr/local/bin/getmail --getmaildir /home/mailer/.getmail
echo "Mail chk done!"  >/dev/console

As well as mentioned before, if I manually run the "tst.sh" I guess the 
target, but if the same scrip is executed fron crontab, I get only the two
echo messages; the getmail process does not appear as executed and the ISDN 
router remain in a "staedy" state.

What I can do? May someone suggest to me some helpful info?
Thank you in advance!