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moving networks

Hi Everybody,

I'm very new to this list.  Here is my conundrum...

I had a server colocated on a network.  This server had a 
static ip address (

I moved that server to my house with a dynamic ip address via 
comcast cable modem.

At my house, I have a small lan set up with one box running 
bsd, another running windows, and a third being the server I 
just brought home.  I'm trying to get the third box on my 
network at home.  In other words, has anyone out there 
converted a bsd box from a static ip address to using dhcp on 

If so, can you please reply.  I'm stumped on even where to 
begin.  I want to do this because I'd like to back up some 
info on that server prior to refomatting.