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Good point. The toolchain configuration is related to this. We now
select on MACHINE_ARCH, which would not capture the endianness if
it was encoded in MACHINE. Granted, we could include MACHINE in
the selection of the BFD and code generator files, but the patch
did not include that.

I still don't reject MIPS as the architecture and have the variants
as sub-concepts, but we do need to discuss in that case how it's
going to work.

The packaging automaticly adds to the dimension of the problem. If
variants have the same endianness and share a common runtime, you
would like to be able to share packages between the variants. But
if the endianness differs or the runtime is different, this cannot
happen. If in both cases we talk about platform then I think our
abstraction is inadequate.

Given that NetBSD is known to be able to run on your toaster (it
would on mine if I had one :-), it would be a mistake to reject
their mechanism without fully understanding what it is we're

 Marcel Moolenaar	  USPA: A-39004		 marcel@xxxxxxxxxx

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