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[no subject]

> It's a lot more meaningful and useful to receive an explanation, even a
> brief one, about why your suggestion isn't good than it is to receive
> personal abuse. If you simply abuse someone, they're just going to think
> you're a jerk, not that their ideas are bad.

I completely agree.  I found David's explanations quite helpful in
determining the legitimacy of the original suggestion.

> More flies with honey, and all that.
> I've noticed a lot of nastiness in this thread, and it's really pretty
> disappointing. Yes, you're all busy people. Yes, this is a volunteer
> project. Yes, people are never satisfied with what others do for them
> for free. That sucks, sure. But it doesn't make it okay to treat people
> like crap for daring to disagree with you.

I didn't notice much "nastiness", but I guess I wasn't really looking
for it.  I did notice that some people were wasting a developer's time
when the project as a whole needs it much more.  I'm talking,
ofcourse, about the imminent GCC upgrade that David is working on.

Best regards,
Mike Barcroft

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