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OK, fine and if then an option "FETCH_MAKE_AND_INSTALL_PERL_FROM_PORTS"
is added to make.conf and made working so that make buildworld/installworld
updates go transparenly without loosing perl (or any other component of the
current base system, which will for shure be removed taking the perl
removal as a precedent case) then i'm calmed down.

In other words: this move from the base to the ports has to go unnoticed
to the user for _all_ methods of installing and updating - IMHO otherwise
FreeBSD will get real problems since perl (and what is currently in the 
base system - including gcc/gdb/etc and even sendmail :-) ) is considered
an integral part of a base contemparary operating system by the user base
(including sysadmins who are "only" _using_ FreeBSD).

Hellmuth Michaelis                                    Tel   +49 40 55 97 47-70
HCS Hanseatischer Computerservice GmbH                Fax   +49 40 55 97 47-77
Oldesloer Strasse 97-99                               Mail  hm [at] hcs.de
D-22457 Hamburg                                       WWW   http://www.hcs.de

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