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as  -o boot2.o boot2.s
as  --defsym SIOPRT=0x3f8  --defsym SIOFMT=0x3  --defsym SIOSPD=9600  /home/imp/FreeBSD/src/sys/boot/i386/boot2/sio.s -o sio.o
ld -nostdlib -static -N -Ttext 0x2000 -o boot2.out  /usr/obj/home/imp/FreeBSD/src/sys/boot/i386/boot2/../btx/lib/crt0.o boot2.o sio.o
objcopy -S -O binary boot2.out boot2.bin
btxld -v -E 0x2000 -f bin -b /usr/obj/home/imp/FreeBSD/src/sys/boot/i386/boot2/../btx/btx/btx -l boot2.ldr  -o boot2.ld -P 1 boot2.bin
kernel: ver=1.01 size=780 load=9000 entry=9010 map=16M pgctl=1:1
client: fmt=bin size=1498 text=0 data=0 bss=0 entry=0
output: fmt=bin size=1e18 text=200 data=1c18 org=0 entry=0
-24 bytes available
*** Error code 1

I didn't see this a few days ago when I did a buildworld on my current


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