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Re: VMWare3 on FreeBSD 4.11 and 5.4

> On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 11:25:18AM -0800, Rodney W. Grimes wrote:
> > Please make me happy and show me the output of:
> > 
> > which vmware
> > file /usr/local/bin/vmware
> > file /usr/X11R6/bin/vmware
> > ls /usr/X11R6/lib/vmware/bin
> [/usr/local/lib/vmware/bin] guido@beck> which vmware
> /usr/local/bin/vmware
> [/usr/local/lib/vmware/bin] guido@beck> file /usr/local/bin/vmware
> /usr/local/bin/vmware: Bourne shell script text executable
> I don't have anything vmware related in /usr/X11R6

Then your not running a -currentish ports tree... or you have
overriden PREFIX on vmware.

> > > > vmware file on my 4.9 system is:
> > > 
> > > My linux_base was installed on Spe 22, 2005, and my vmware on Nov 9, 2005.
> > 
> > Very odd then that the date on your vmware binaries is April 5, 2005,
> > which is actually win linux_base was 7.1.  I think you got bit by the
> > very nasty I spoke of in moving vmware from /usr/local to /usr/X11R6
> > during the linux_base-8.8 update process.
> Perhaps I installed vmware before installing linux_base8? The vmware directory
> in the pkg db might have been updated by portupgrade.

Ummm.. shoould not of been possible with normal methods, you would
have to do overrides.  Again, is what you have is an ``evolved'' system
attempting to take 5.4 out of th box and install the ports collection,
cd /usr/ports/emulators/vmware3; make install 
and you well start to twine into the can of worms I have been through,
starting with an almost immediate failure as there is no perl...

> > > It seems I didn;t patch my binary:

Your MD5 mis matches, your binary IS  patched.

> It's weird that the md5 checksums of our binaries are not the same...

Yea, and I bet if you go get the one from VMware-workstation-3.2.1-2242.tar.gz
you well find that a cmp -x shows a few bytes edited.. which was done by
the any-any patch.

Rod Grimes                                                 freebsd@xxxxxxxxxxx