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Re: VMWare3 on FreeBSD 4.11 and 5.4

[cc-ed back onto the emulation list, others may want this...]

You vmware binary has been patched.. 4 bytes are altered.

Looking at the vmware-any-any-update96 update.c file I have
matched this to -PART- of the trypatch2242 code (that is
the patch when any-any finds a 3.2.1-2242 binary):

static int trypatch2242(struct file* fd, const char* name) {
        static const char newcodeNICE[] =
        static const char oldcodeNICE[] =
        static const char newcodeNICE2[] =
        static const char oldcodeNICE2[] =

Using your vmware binary on my FreeBSD 5.4p8 w/linux_base-7.3 
has correctd the shutdown panics from VMWare itself and I can
again smash the reset button and not have to restart VMWare!

I suspect that this also corrects vmware w/linux_base-8.8,
which I well confirm as soon as I can.

I further suspect is what happened was your applied the any-any
patch at a much lower revision that only had these 2 hunks in it,
probably right after this problem was found, and when myself and
others tried it with the later version that has another large patch 
that crashes the FreeBSD kernel with a page fault.  I have found
the archive of all the any-any patches so that I should be able
to confirm that.

cmp -x /A/ports/emulators/vmware3/work/vmware-distrib/bin/vmware /usr/local/lib/
00012935 89 33
00012936 c3 db
0001299f 89 33
000129a0 c3 db
MD5 (/A/ports/emulators/vmware3/work/vmware-distrib/bin/vmware) = b43d5cf153d592
MD5 (/usr/local/lib/vmware/bin/vmware) = 548b596d4db2604dce99776e9456a663

> > > vmware2 (the vmware-any-any-update thing).
> > > My binary is:
> > > MD5 (/usr/local/lib/vmware/bin/vmware) = 548b596d4db2604dce99776e9456a663
> > 
> > Could you please send me this binary?    It may be a golden binary!
> Sure. You can find it on:
... [deleted] ...
I'll be getting a patch out to vmware3 port for folks to use...
or there is enough data here for you to do it yourself.

Rod Grimes                                                 freebsd@xxxxxxxxxxx