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root partition on geli+gmirror


now, i'm in the last phase, the encrypted system is bootable, everything
is set, need to go!
booting fs is (/dev/mirror/plex0s1a)
but i can't boot... the system asks for password for the encrypted file system (/dev/mirror/plex0s2.elia) before mounting the root fs.. after it's done booting sequence prints the usual geli attach msg, then goes on.. and then..it hangs, mountroot:> line, need to type in the valid path for the root fs
however i did it before to the fstab..
/dev/mirror/plex0s2.elib none swap sw 0 0 /dev/mirror/plex0s2.elia / ufs rw 1 1

after i type in the: ufs:mirror/plex0s2.elia path then boot goes on, everythings fine,
system boots up!
did i do anything wrong, or theres something mess around geli+gmirror combo.. before the mirroring i tested geli alone, and it booted up well, without any problem..
may i attach any log, output, etc?

thanks for your help in advance!