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Re: sorely missing gvinum start or attach

Hi there,

Thanks for your expression of interest; given the length of my request I
realize some introduction was necessary.

* Danny Howard <dannyman@xxxxxxxxxx> [20060113 22:46]:
> Could you describe what you are trying to accomplish?

I'd like both stripes and mirrors, and more than 8 partitions. What I've
provided so far is just the base system's setup: mostly mirrored volumes
but already one striped volume. Many more should come, and possibly new
disks too. I opted for gvinum because of it's flexibilty, and decided to
create the setup on one disk first to get the "root-on-vinum" issue
working and to be able to do some testing (adding and removing drives).

> You're adding a second disk to the system and you want a RAID of some
> sort ... what kind of RAID?  A mirror?  Those are super easy ... just
> Google up a "gmirror howto" ...

Yep, I know about rse@'s HOWTO.

> if you are trying to do something more complicated, please explain
> that, as it would help people understand all your technical stuff.

I hope my requirements are clearer now: I want a flexible software RAID
system on FreeBSD, since I envision the need for many (~20) fs's with
different storage requirements. I realize Lukas might not have as much
free time as he'd wish, but an ETA on 'start', 'stop' and 'attach' would
be greatly appreciated.