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Re: bg.freebsd.org upgrade

> The exact date is 5.11.2005, starting time 11.30, expected downtime - 4 hours.
> The downtime may be less, but we want to have time to test all
> components and rebuild the system.
> Cheers all!
We're up again, with FTP and RSYNC from us enabled.
CVSUP and RSYNC from ftp-master.eu is temporarily disabled, so that it
doesn't bork the sync of the ftp tree on the local storages.
We're now with 1GB of memory and 1TB storage in 2 arrays.
Thanks to all for the support!

Димитър Василев
Dimitar Vassilev

GnuPG key ID: 0x4B8DB525
Keyserver: pgp.mit.edu
Key fingerprint: D88A 3B92 DED5 917E 341E D62F 8C51 5FC4 4B8D B525