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bg.freebsd.org admin contacts

Hello all!
I think that it is important to advise you that in the end of the month
I will be moving outside Bulgaria on a project and won't be able to
respond ASAP to discussions related to the Bulgarian mirror for about
a month or two.
For security reasons I will refrain logging from the corporate network
too on the mirror too.
You can reach us via hostmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for questions or via
the mails in the CC field.
As for the maintenance we have chosen Niki Denev <nike_d@xxxxxxxxxxx>
to deal with it as he is the person in very short distance from our
collocation in FMI, Sofia University.
I hope that he or the other admins of bg.freebsd.org will announce
outages here as I did.
I apologize for the offtopic, but I do not want to get our mirror
delisted because I do not respond to mails or so.
Thank you for your understanding!
Димитър Василев
Dimitar Vassilev

GnuPG key ID: 0x4B8DB525
Keyserver: pgp.mit.edu
Key fingerprint: D88A 3B92 DED5 917E 341E D62F 8C51 5FC4 4B8D B525